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Minimalist floor lamp with wooden details and large milk glass shade next to a contemporary sofa in an elegant beige interior

Alexander Pushkin

"Inspiration is needed in geometry just as much as in poetry"


The elegant geometry of Yuka, expressed in a distinctive, puzzle-like form, is based on the rotation of three equilateral triangles. Yuka impresses with the lightness of form and stands out as a sophisticated addition to all modern spaces.


Discovering the hidden harmony


Only a skilled eye will discover the Star of David in the complex design of the Constellation ceiling lamp or spot the rotation of equilateral triangles in the Yuka floor lamp. The collection designers call it a hidden harmony, believing that it imperceptibly affects the reception of the projects.

Asymmetrical design black matt bedside pendant with milk glass shade over minimal daybed in contemporary style apartment


Wordwide delivery


Moon Moth offers a worldwide delivery for all its products and the extended 30-day return policy for EU customers. The shipping to the USA & Canada is free of charge! All payments, including those via credit cards, are secured by the world's most reliable PayPal system.



Made in Europe


Moon Moth cooperates with carefully selected, local producers and manufacturers specializing in wood and metal processing, as well as with a traditional glassworks with the history of over 100 years. This approach guarantees a high quality of the products and allows full control of the production process.

Natural oak wood wall lamp with milk glass shade inspired by Japanese culture and modern minimalist design


Retailers & projects


Moon Moth places a high priority on building lasting and strong relationships with its retailers. Please contact us at if you would like to receive our catalog, learn about our trade conditions or simply get to know the brand better. We will be happy to assist you.



A subtle blend of the Japanese mood & minimalist design


The Tanjun collection has been created by the Polish designer Tomasz Kudelski and the Japanese artist/designer Kaito Yamada. This unique collaboration has resulted in a collection of lighting that draws inspiration from Japanese culture while maintaining the aesthetics of the contemporary, minimalist design.



Catalog, 3D files & hi-res photos


Moon Moth is dedicated to working with architects and interior designers. All 3D files and hi-res photos are available for download. Simply go to the download section of our website. Please contact us if you would require different 3D file formats.

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