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Kaito Yamada


Kaito’s product design is characterized by the simplicity of form and passion for natural materials. His designs are in warm colors of the earth palette. During his studies, he became fascinated with the Scandinavian school of design, the philosophy of which has much in common with the Japanese design culture. He supports the idea of mixing features of both cultures, which is recently known as the Japandi style. Although he emphasizes the importance of functionality, he values the artistic expression and the imperfection of handicrafts as well.

Kaito comes from the Gifu prefecture, a region known for ceramics. His grandfather used to run a pottery workshop, where Kaito was able to learn crafts from an early age. After his studies at the Tokyo University of the Arts, he worked as an independent product designer, occasionally making interior designs. In 2018 Kaito returned to his hometown where, in addition to his designing career, he continues the family tradition of pottery handicraft. He met with Tomasz Kudelski during the Maison Objet exhibition of emerging talents in 2016, where they both presented their works.


Tomasz Kudelski

Tomasz’s product design is strongly influenced by geometry and passion for details. His affection for design is not limited to any particular movement or period of time. He finds inspiration in every style, stimulating innovative thinking. He is devoted to the creative process, solving an infinite number of minor problems appearing along the way. Tomasz perceives designing as a journey that begins with a blank piece of paper and leads to an unpredictable destination.


He gained his experience while working as an interior designer. His projects can be seen in several film productions and a promotional video of Prada. From 2013 to 2018 Tomasz, together with his colleagues, ran a design studio in Warsaw, in which he worked mainly on lighting design. His works were exhibited in Paris during the Maison Objet exhibition of emerging talents in 2016. For the last two years, he has been acting as an agent for leading premium lighting brands on the Polish, Czech, and Slovak markets.

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