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Large japandi style wooden wall lamp with two milk glass shades inspired by Japanese culture and modern minimalist design

Tonbo wall lamp


A wall lamp from the Tanjun collection that delivers a subtle blend of the Japanese mood and minimalist design. The elegant geometry of Tonbo, expressed in a distinctive, puzzle-like form, is based on the rotation of three equilateral triangles. Both the double lampshade and the asymmetrical design of the lamp evoke the mesmerizing illusion of mirror reflection.


Glass shades are mouth-blown in the Łużyce glassworks, of which history dates back to 1872. They are made of three-layer glass and finished with a special chemical treatment that gives them a beautiful matt surface and velvet touch. 


Carefully selected European oak is finished with natural oil wax. Together with the soft light of the milky shade it creates an extremely warm and tranquil composition. 


Designed by Kaito Yamada & Tomasz Kudelski

  • 29 W x 29 D x 84 H cm

    11,5 W x 11,5 D x 33 H inch

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